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MJR Plumbing MJR Plumbing
31 Coronation Road,
BA11 2BJBA11 2BJ
Telephone: 01373 467713
Mobile: 07732 856943
Mark Robinson specialises in bathroom design and installation to a professional standard. With 23 years of knowledge you are assured of excellent advice and standards. MJR Plumbing has built a reputation on customer recommendation. Another keen su...

Mike Holloway Plumbing Mike Holloway Plumbing
55 Ferris way,
BA14 7GU
Telephone: 01225 938758
Mobile: 07881 988096
Mike Holloway Plumbing pride themselves on providing a quality and reliable service. He offers the following services: complete bathroom design & installations, new taps, sinks, showers, plumbing repairs e


Plumbers Warminster

Plumbers Warminster                                                                                   Plumbers Warminster

Plumbers Warminster
If you're thinking of updating your bathroom then you'll need to call in one of the Warminster plumbers.  Consult with your plumber to discuss keeping the suite - and the plumbing - in the same place, or the implications on the plumbing of moving the suite to a new position.  Your plumbers in Warminster will be able to quote to supply and fit your new bathroom, or to fit the suite you have purchased yourself. 

Ask your plumbers Warminster about building regulations relating to putting a bathroom in a new location, and ventilation in bathrooms and cloakrooms.  If you are thinking of asking a plumber to install a shower, then no doubt the issue of ventilation will be discussed. It is always advisable to fit an extractor fan to remove excessive water vapour and condensation. This is especially important in rooms without windows where the moisture-laden air may cause discomfort if not removed. The extractor fan can be turned on via a pull cord, which must be beyond the reach of anyone using the shower, a humidistat which automatically turns on when needed, or a switch connected to the lights. Your plumber will be able to give you the advice you need.

Plumbers Warminster
The team at Bath Business Web and Warminster Business Web have built websites for some of the companies in this category. Have a look at their website to see the quality of work they've undertaken. Companies on Warminster Business Web who come with a proven reputation such as: MJR Plumbing, Mike Holloway Plumbing ,Portway Plumbing. These companies have many years experience in providing all the services you require.

Plumbers Warminster                                                                                Plumbers Warminster

Plumbers Warminster

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